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Answers to questions we're often asked.

What kind of businesses does Trellus deliver for?
What kind of businesses does Trellus deliver for?
Any retail or home-based business except for restaurants. We can deliver for service businesses too. We currently deliver for pet food stores, printers, hardware stores,chocolate and candy shops, toy and gift shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, veterinarians (pharmaceuticals), and even a furrier! Law, accountant and real estate offices can also use Trellus for fast and affordable deliveries/courier services.
I am not computer savvy. Is Trellus easy to use?
Once you set up Trellus - Same Day Delivery, which takes an easy 3 minutes, you can print a shipping label in 15 seconds. All a merchant has to do is take the printed shipping label from the copier and tape it to the bag or box so it’s ready for delivery.
How do I call a driver?
No need to call anyone! Once you purchase the shipping label the closest Trellus driver gets alerted that your package is ready for pickup. It’s so simple.
How does a customer know the package is on its way?
Once the driver accepts the pickup, the customer will get an email and/or text notifying them their delivery has been initiated, and the driver will come to your location to pick up the package. When the driver picks up the package and clicks “On my way” on his delivery app, the customer will then be able to follow the driver’s delivery route to their home or business.
Is Trellus insured for theft and damage?
Of course! Keep in mind the driver picks up your package and it doesn’t leave their possession until it’s delivered. Theft is unlikely. Also, you will be notified of the driver’s contact info upon pickup. And, if your product is breakable and it’s our fault, then the merchant partner gets reimbursed the full value.
How much does it cost for delivery?
Our fees are $5.99 for the first five miles and $1.50 each additional mile (this is how the driver gets paid). We charge per fraction of a mile so if it’s 5.1 miles to deliver then the delivery fee is $5.99 + $.15 = $6.14. Companies such as UBER Eats, Shipt, and Doordash charge up to a whopping 30% of the sale!
Are there any other fees?
In most cases Trellus charges a $3 delivery fee per box or bag. The only other fee after a 30-day free trial is a $49.99 a month platform fee. This equates to about $1.67 a day to have access to our network of drivers. We will use part of this monthly fee to advertise your business in print, social media and TV. Our goal is to help grow your business. If your checkout process is integrated with Shopify then Trellus charges 10% of the sale plus delivery and it’s all computed on checkout.
Can I use Trellus if I don’t have a website?
Of course! All you need is the ability to print out a shipping label.
Can Trellus handle returns?
Of course! The same fees structure applies as for deliveries. All the merchant would need to do is initial a return for the customer in the deliveries section by clicking the [Return] button on the delivery. If the package was not initially delivered by Trellus you can simply switch the drop-off and pick-up locations on the shipping label, hit print, and the driver is notified. Make sure the customer is home or leaves the package out!
How long does a delivery take and when are you available?
Trellus delivers seven days a week during normal business hours of your business up to 9:00 pm.
What happens if a delivery order is received after hours?
No problem! The merchant can facilitate a pickup for delivery as soon as you open the next day, as soon as a shipping label is purchased.
How long does delivery take?
We are a same-day delivery service with the goal of delivering your package ASAP. We’ve been averaging about an hour delivery time once the shipping label is printed. We guarantee delivery will be the same day.
Can I choose a time to deliver?
We don’t have that capability as of yet for timed delivery, however, if a merchant wants a timed delivery, they should purchase the shipping label about an hour before the desired delivery time.
Does Trellus charge by weight?
No! We charge by delivery. If it fits in one box or bag, in the trunk of a car, and weighs less than 50 lbs, then our fee is $3. Each additional box or bag for the same delivery is $3.
Does Trellus deliver for National Chains.
Our primary focus are Long Island’s local merchants and home based businesses who need an advantage to compete against Amazon, and National ecommerce companies like Walmart and Target. The founders started this business because they got frustrated seeing empty storefronts in our communities and Amazon boxes on our neighbor’s doorsteps. Our focus is on independently owned small businesses.
How do I change my subscription?
You can use the Account Settings link in the menu and then select Update Subscription.

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